All prices are including Polish VAT.

We accept direct bank transfers and transfers via PayPal (including credit card payments)

Payment is processed via PayPal through a Nets approved and PCI-certified payment solution.
It is not possible for us to charge a higher amount than the one approved by you.

PayPal uses SSL-encryption in the communication with Nets. SSL is short for Secure Socket Layer and is a security protocol which ensures that data is encrypted in the communication between the customer,  Heca Sp. z o.o. and PayPal. It is therefore not possible for 3rd parties to intercept any credit card information.

Furthermore, PayPal is fully PCI certified. The purpose of the PCI standard is to have a common, international standard which defines a range of demands for storing, transmission and handling of credit card data – and how it should be ensured that the requirements are complied with.