Heca wakeskates are suitable for a range of skill levels, designed and tested to be a comfortable ride in all conditions. Scientifically examined for better performance and more skateboard feel. Distinct for its quality, smooth and consistent riding experience, relaxed tricks and just the right pop you need.

– 100% handmade with the application of high quality wood, including plywood and paulownia

– Completely laminated to extend longevity and durability

– Characterized by 3-stage progressive rocker and POLYURETHANE SIDEWALL

– Wood cores strengthened with the glass fiber

– Bottoms covered with POLYPROPYLENE grindbase that makes the boards slide on obstacles incredibly smoothly and fast

– Composition: Wood/Fiberglass/Laminate/Poliethylene

– Fin setup: Two front lock-in fins and one rear fin, not drilled.

Scientifically examined for great performance and more skateboard feel


In partnership with the scientists from two Technical Universities from Poland, as well as with a group of professional wakeskate riders, we first scientifically examined all existing wakeskate brands available on the market.

We tested and classified their parameters (including rocker height, weight, buoyancy, flexibility) and eventually created a technologically improved wakeskate board, that ensures improved ergonomics, that is fully parametrized, provides possibility of personalization and that has been fully approved by pro-riders.


Development of numerical models for the hydrodynamic characteristics of the boards and a structural-strength model:

  • selection of important parameters influencing the board performance, definition of requirements for the boards

  • CFD numerical studies of the hydrodynamic characteristics of the boards was conducted seeking to improve the aerodynamic profile of the board’s buoyant surface – methodology applied included the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method, a two-phase Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes Simulation (RANS) in the Volume of Fluid (VoF) formulation

  • Comprehensive FEM model validation or strength testing were applied to systematize the board parameters, like rocker height, weight, flexibility, seeking to improve the board’s performance and durability

  • Development of the base structure of the boards for testing

Experimental verification of the developed numerical models

  • testing of hydrodynamic characteristics
  • strength tests of experimental boards on test track

Advanced tools and software, were introduced to ensure high quality, accuracy and repeatability.

The new construction was designed to give the board more skateboard feel.

Technologically improved wakeskate board, that ensures improved ergonomics, that is fully parametrized, provides possibility of personalization and that has been fully approved by pro-riders


CONVEX BOTTOM – to provide more skateboard feel, more speed and maneuverability on water and over obstacles (reduced friction surface), more controlled riding

SKATEBOARD FLEX  – just the right flexibility to ensure bigger pop

NOSE&TAIL COMFORT ANGLE – unique feature found exclusively on our pro-model boards 2024 series. It involves a slight decrease in the angle of the edges at the nose and tail of the board, without changing the bottom width or shape. This tweak widens the top surface, boosting rider comfort and maneuverability for smoother slides.

TOP CORE – the main reinforced core of the board, made of plywood, for better flexibility and strength of the board when subjected to three-point bending

BOTTOM CORE – milled in wood in line with the geometry of the surface of the bottom of the Top Core, for better stability of the board

V-SHAPED INSERTS – Polyurethane epoxide inserts to increase rigidity and reinforce the core of the board, for easier and impressive pops, better performance